◼️Use of Project Funds

Allocation of Marketing & Development Funds

As described in one of the previous chapters of this whitepaper, 2% of every sell and buy goes towards development, and 3% goes towards marketing. This chapter describes in more detail what these project funds are used for, to inform the community and any new investors on the use of funds. All project wallets are disclosed publicly on the Blockchain and funds spent on the project are spent transparently and recklessness in spending based on short-term hype is avoided. Marketing Expenses The most effective way to spread the word around any cryptocurrency is word-of-mouth. Blue chip tokens are built of engaged communities working together to increase exposure. That being said, each buyer and seller of $GPUBOT is charged a 3% transaction fee, which is allocated to funds to be used for marketing. The below list details ways in which the $GPUBOT team aims to spend these funds. It is very important to note that we adapt to certain opportunities that arise. For example, if the right influencer reaches out, our strategy is flexible enough to allocate funds to this. However, being a Utility-driven project, we do not rely on and will not engage with small 'Crypto Twitter Influencers', that could potentially harm the project with coordinated 'pumps and dumps'. The primary allocation for our Marketing Funds, is therefore as follows. We do not tie a specific deadline to any of the below allocations as they are dependent on a variety of variables not completely in control of the team.

  • DexTools Trending

  • CG & CMC Listing

  • Partnerships & Integrations (i.e. PAAL, AMAs)

  • Tier 2 CEX Listings (i.e. MEXC)

  • Tier 1 CEX Listings (i.e. KuCoin)

  • Dextools, Poocoin & Other Ads/Banners

  • Offline Marketing (i.e. Billboards, Merchandise)

Development Expenses Funds going to development are spent on three primary things. The first is salaries of team members, which operate, maintain, update and have built the platform and oversee and control the Social Media platform. Moreover, development fees will be used to pay for outsourced work. This outsourced work includes additional design work, audits, upgrades/revamps of the website and potentially backend work to the platform. Outsourced work can also include the addition of new elements on our platform, as far as the core development team is unable to push the changes through themselves. The last allocation of the 'Development Tax', are any costs related to hosting payments to our third party provider, server costs, and other subscriptions and contracts. Below is an overview of near-term development updates, which will require a significant allocation of development funds.

  • Analytics Development Update

  • Support Other Payment Opptionalities

  • On-Ramp Fiat Payments

  • Cross-Chain Bridges/Listings

  • Lending Integration (P2P GPU, CPU & Node Renting)

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