◼️Revenue Sharing

Start Earning $GPUBOT and Become a Fractional Owner

To create a unique incentive for investors to hold $GPUBot, we utilize a revenue sharing program. This revenue sharing program is relatively easy to understand. Each week, the revenues generated by sales of Servers or Nodes is assessed, and is distributed to holders of our token, proportionate to their holdings. In other words, if you hold 1% of supply, you are eligible to receive 1% of the revenues generated that week. It is important to note that, while revenues are distributed weekly, we do not specify exact timings of the distributions, to avoid investors 'farming' the revenue share. Namely, if it is published when revenue share will be paid out, investors can simply buy just before and sell just after. To mitigate these swings, we do not announce exact timings of the revenue share.

There is a minimum holding of 0.1% tokens to be eligible for the revenue share, to reduce transaction fees on transfers of the revenue. As the token price increases, we monitor this rule and it is subject to change.

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