◼️Technical Workings of Our Platform

Technical Underlying Details of our Platform and Offered Services

GPUBOT enables a seamless and easy-to-use way to buy GPU or CPU power. This chapter of the whitepaper describes in more detail the technical aspects and functionalities of our platform. Setup & Hosting Our platform, accessible via t.me/gpuboteth_bot, offers a selection of Servers and Nodes. Prior to launching the $GPUBOT ERC-20 token and our Telegram bot, the team has reached out to several third parties providing GPU, CPU and Nodes Hosting services to request, compare and review long term contracts. As such, we have selected an Asia-based provider whom provide hosting for all our offered products. We pay this partner every month, with the first payment made before the launch of our $ERC-20 token. We have chosen this long-term setup instead of a 'pay-when-used' model to ensure seamless accessibility of all products. As such, we pay the full costs for hosting all offered services every month. At launch, we charge a flat fee on all offered products, as we aim to onboard as much customers as possible. This fee setup is enabled by the choice to pay our long-term partner for all possible configurations instead of a pay-when-used model. Configurations & What to Use our Products For Within our platform, users can buy a server or blockchain node and choose from a wide variety of servers. CPU or GPUs are essentially processing units that enable apps and software to run smoothly. As such, by utilizing its 'power', users can run and operate software and apps. For CPU Power, we currently offer a variety of Intel I7, Intel I9 and Intel Xeon configurations. The GPUs to choose from are NVIDIA GPUs or AMD GPUs. Besides that, users can pick between 1-8TB SSD, between 16-128GB RAM, between 1-40Gbps Network and 4 different Firewall options. Your choices between any of the configurations depend on what you intend to use our product for. For example, if you are using GPUs to render 3D Graphics, you are better off taking one of the 'heavier' solutions. More 'casual' users can go for one of the less heavy options. Unsure which configuration to go for? DM one of our team members or read some of the useful materials published online. Besides GPUs and CPUs, users can also buy Blockchain Nodes with our bot. Nodes are essentially devices that run software which connects to a Blockchain, such as the Ethereum Blockchain. Nodes connect with eachother and are a vital part of cryptocurrencies, utilized to run dApps or bots. As an example, Trading Bots such as Maestro operate their own Node to enable users to trade. Users can pick their preferred Blockchain and one of our offered 'Tiers'. These tiers, essentially, are the 'power' of the Nodes. Also hosted by ourselves through our Third Party, each Tier is currently charged at the same price, to onboard as much users as possible. These Nodes are used for a variety of different endgoals, including the hosting and operation of dApps, Trading Bots and MEV Bots. The Tier to pick from depends on expected volume and needed 'power', with the upper tier having enough power to operate MEV Bots on. Once you have selected your Tier, you can immediately start using the Node once you have paid and the order is finalized. It is important to note that, once a GPU, CPU or Node is purchased, users can use it indefinitely, creating a unique advantage over other projects which charge per hour or month. These low costs are enabled by the fact that we have a long term contract with our third party. In the future, after enough returning users are onboarded, we will change to a per week offering.

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