$GPUBot's Contract is Built to Support an Ambitious Roadmap

Supply & Tokenomics Token Name: GPUBot Token Symbol: $GPUBOT Blockchain: Ethereum Mainnet Total & Circulating Supply: 1,000,000 Buy & Sell Tax: 5% of which marketing: 3% of which development: 2% Safety & Governance It is important to note that the $GPUBOT ERC-20 token will be renounced after launch, meaning no contracts can be called after deployment. Moreover, the Liquidity Pool will be locked after launch as well, ensuring that your investment in our token is fully safe and secure. The Role of Our Token & Why to Hold As detailed in the previous chapter of this whitepaper, holders of the $GPUBOT ERC-20 token share in the revenue generated by our DApp. Any revenue coming from sales of Nodes and Servers is shared with the community periodically, divided proportionally based on your holding. In other words, if you hold 1% of the supply of $GPUBOT, you have the right to 1% of the revenues generated every week. This 'Revenue Sharing' program creates a unique incentive to hold our token.

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