Participate and Buy Nodes or Servers and start earning $GPUBOT rewards, all through an easy-to-use DePIN Telegram Bot

The Concept Inspired by the success of outperforming DeFi tokens such as $GPU, and catering to the popularity and needs for AI, the team behind $GPUBot has developed a Telegram-based platform offering Nodes-as-a-Service and Servers-as-a-Service. With just a few clicks in our proprietary Telegram DApp, you can buy and manage Nodes or Services with an extensive range of options/configurations. Moreover, we utilize a revenue sharing program in which all revenues generated by our platform are distributed to holders. With our offering, we play into the recent momentum of two key aspects in DeFi - Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks and Telegram-based tools, both of which will be touched upon in the next paragraphs. Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks is a popular new trend in Crypto, which connects physical infrastructure assets, such as GPU power, to the Blockchain leveraging decentralized applications. One interesting application of this concept is the buying, selling and lending of Servers and Blockchain Nodes to connect DeFi investors with physical assets. As such, competitors as NodeAI offer servers and nodes for others to buy and lend on the blockchain. Investors often get to choose between a variety of different server or node options and can utilize these right after purchase. Telegram-Based Tools While the concept of offering Servers-as-a-service and Nodes-as-a-service is thus not new, GPUBot adds an additional element to it, catering to the need of easy-to-use tools. As such, our platform is fully operational on Telegram, making it extremely easy to buy nodes and servers. Telegram-based tools have gained popularity and exposure over the last year given investors prefer to have 1 platform to engage with communities, perform research and execute trades. Utilities ranging from token scanners to contract deployers have gained immense popularity and Telegram has become the go-to development platform for new utilities. Being fully based on Telegram, $GPUBot combines the two trends with the most momentum - DePIN and Telegram-based tools. The following chapter gives a detailed overview on how to use our bot. While ease-of-use is at the pinnacle of our development and the bot is self explanatory, this guide gives you a clear overview on steps to take to start buying you first Node or Server

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